Our Mission

Education is not limited to the walls of the classroom.

Our community is built on exceptionally talented students, educators, and organizations who can support our district's mission to provide a world-class, 21st century education.

At CurioCity, we make that happen.

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Intensive work-based learning experience that provides a combination of on-the-job training and formal classroom instructions and is intended to support progressive skill acquisition and lead to post-secondary credentials.


Provides praticipants with an opporuntunity to learn about career or industry by working for an employer in a field of interest over a period of time. It is a form of experiential learning, often tied to a program or study, which enables participants to gain applied experience, build professional and technical skills, and make connections in a field of interest.


Internship style experience for teachers that help educators connect classroom content with student career interests.

Study Trip

Students journey to a field site related to topics being investigated in a project or unit of study. Students conduct field work and interviews on a study trip, facilitated by you alongside teachers.

Project-Based Learning

Students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem or challenge provided by a community partner.

Service-Based Learning

Meaningful service is integrated to enrich and apply academic knowledge, teach civic and personal responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Guest Speaking and Panelist

Visit classrooms, clubs, or other school based gatherings to provide information on a specific, relevant topic.

Job Shadow

A short term, unpaid experience which introduces a student to the workplace and provides exposure to occupational areas of interest.


CurioCity is a new tool for educators that provides positive learning experiences on an easy-to-use technology platform, the CurioCity Hub, that keeps contacts, experiences, and student participation in one place.


CurioCity is the experiential learning platform that delivers real-world experiences to every K-12 student, providing practical applications based on classroom instruction while inspiring future educational and career goals.


CurioCity is a connection to the community and an investment in future workforce by exposing students to real-world industry problems and solutions.


CurioCity delivers experiences to students, allowing a broad and diverse learning experience to set the course for future education and employment.